Recruitment is one of the most important investments a company can make. A mistake in this area can be costly – the wrong choice can cost the equivalent of a year's salary and eat up management time in attempts to correct the error. There is a way to avoid the unsuccessful appointment, however. Sensu A/S’ professional and objective recruitment process will ensure you find exactly the right candidate, first time round.


Companies that do undertake the recruitment of new employees often require a clear and professional assessment of the candidate shortlist – or a single candidate – before they decide to hire. For many companies, an evaluation of the individual candidate is a safety check that confirms their choice, or contests it.

Sensu A/S can put the company's chosen candidates through a comprehensive test, which includes interviews and a personality test. We also obtain references so that we can make a full report to the company. Sensu A/S uses the job description supplied by the company to assess whether the candidate can be recommended without reservation, recommended with certain reservations, or not recommended.


Finding the most talented and qualified candidate who can live up to the company's requirements and expectations demands intensive legwork. The talent search is a particularly effective and relevant way of fitting the personal profile to the job. At Sensu A/S, our talent search begins with a thorough and methodical investigation of the position and the requisite personal profile. Following this, an intensive and systematic search is launched amongst our large network of candidates with unique and valuable skills. We also contact companies and comparable organisations directly, to establish whether the relevant suitable candidates might be found there.


A host of candidates peruse the various job sites on the internet and many potential employees read specialist journals to keep informed about job opportunities. Job advertisements therefore represent a logical strategy for seeking out the person with the right profile. Recruitment through advertising not only creates visibility for the company, but placing ads in relevant media also attracts candidates with the skills and personal attributes that match the company's style and areas of activity.

At Sensu A/S we know that advertising is a judicious search method. It reaches many potential, interested candidates. We carefully draft advertisement texts and profile descriptions so that relevant candidates can be identified and selected.


Following an in-depth analysis of the specific work and the company, a detailed profile is drawn up of the position and the person who will fill it. Drafting the advertisement for the position follows, and recruitment and search procedures are initiated. The search for the right candidate is thus made via several channels.

Incoming applications are screened and potential candidates selected, along with those who have responded positively to the talent search. These are invited to an introductory interview to discuss professional skills, motivation and expected remuneration.

The most fitting candidates – generally between four and five people – are then invited for an interview/presentation in front of representatives of the company. This is an opportunity to establish chemistry between employer and candidate, for the latter to present him- or herself to the company and for both to pose questions of each other.

The company will then whittle down the list, typically to two candidates, who will be subject to comprehensive tests including a personality test and further interviews. Sensu A/S will also obtain references for the candidates and finally report back to the company with our assessment of the candidate or candidates who may be recommended without reservation, with some reservation – or perhaps not recommended for the position.

Following this, the company holds a final meeting with the best candidate in order to discuss contractual matters and to conclude an agreement.

Once the new employee has taken up their position, Sensu A/S contacts the company three and six months later to hear how the cooperation is working and to ensure that things are running well.