Even managers with vast experience see the departure of a good, loyal employee as a difficult moment. Irrespective of the reason for his or her departure, whether company acquisition, merger, cut-backs, sale or similar, it is an uncomfortable but often necessary component of the manager’s job and responsibilities to take difficult decisions about redundancies. Once the decision is made however, the departure should be conducted in a dignified and professional way. This is a matter of giving the exiting employee the best possible conditions and future prospects, restoring courage and helping them to quickly take on a new position. A dignified, professional termination of contract has several advantages. It avoids any bitterness or conflict with the departing employee, and work morale after a dismissal is significantly better. Confidence among the remaining employees is increased and, last but not least, the company retains and strengthens its reputation as a responsible enterprise that looks after its employees.

A termination of contract always leaves the employee with questions and uncertainty about the future. But by offering someone the right support and guidance in the form of career advice, CV design and help drafting applications and job-seeking plans, you as a company will help the individual to be clear, optimistic and determined about the future. This will restore and strengthen the employee's self-confidence; he or she will not be downcast, but on the contrary, have a feeling of being valued and competent.

At Sensu A/S, we are practised at carrying out objective outplacement with respect for the individual employee. The process aims to strengthen the employee and guide them towards a new position, sector, training or something completely different.