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5 good reasons not to be responsible for recruiting yourself...
A company director is rarely in the best position to recruit employees. He or she is looking for a mirror image of themselves! What is really needed is a reliable, skilled employee – not a clone, or a competitor. This is where we can help. When companies undertake the recruitment function themselves, they often make unrealistic demands of the future employee. We are there to mediate those expectations by spotlighting such essentials as function, responsibilities, goals and what the company sees as success criteria for the future employee. When a director or a company undertakes recruitment, they often look at the wrong things and can be blinded by external appearances. They do not necessarily see the substance. We can help by placing focus on the most important aspects; and we can look at the candidate's credentials in depth. Many small and medium-sized enterprises do not recruit key workers on a regular basis. On the other hand, this is exactly what we do every day, and we have a systematic approach. A director is rarely au fait with the candidate market. We have a finger on the pulse and what is more, we can draw on our large network.
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I have worked with the Sensu team on a number of recruitments and they have always met my expectations. Not only taking the time to really understand the profile of candidate and the role they will be performing but also detailed understanding of our organisation and culture, critical in successful recruitment. Preliminary screening and interviews are executed quickly and efficiently.
Mark Crysell Regional Sales Director, Ergonomic Solutions